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    my thought's on my poision as cheif


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    my thought's on my poision as cheif

    Post  crashcringle on Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:46 am

    WELL let me say. Thought it would never come to this but it did ! some of the AGC member's have (ISSUE )with me eather being in this poision or just me ingenral. TO make these (INDIVIDUAL'S) feel at ease another word's make them feel better. Thinking on lettintg these (INDIVIDUAL'S) do what I or anyother member has done to get to where they are in (RANK).SO I'M thinking on (stepping down) as (CHEIF) to give these (INDIVIDUAL'S) the (OPPORTUNITY) to see and feel what it take to be where I am or anyone else for that matter.And what it takes to do this poision or anyother.. yhaaa for them if it work's for them..I never ment to piss anyone off I was just doing what I do and that was having (FUN) playing the game.To many people have this little (CLICK) And then people start talking.then thing's get out of hand. One person tell's another person and that person tell's another person .BY the time everything is said and done thing's are blowen all out of wack .It's no wounder why people are so pissed off .Because the storie don't match. Just because these (INDIVIDUAL'S) have a (BEEF) withe me!! Rember Ladies and Gent's this is a (GAME)!.If you not MAN or Ladie enough to come talk to me about the (ISSUE)!!Then I have no need to play the game with you. So therefor that the reason for this post ..THANK'S for stopping by to read this post ..now to see where this will go .(SORRY BUT HAVE A LOT OF NEGTIVITY BUILT UP ABOUT THIS BULL STUFF.. tks crash..

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    Re: my thought's on my poision as cheif

    Post  trouble8732 on Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:12 am

    Crash, There is no need for you to step down. This is why we keep losing people is due to bs. Ive heard you are doing a great job as chief so dont let them get to you. I am not sure what the problem is but talk to your warden and or SL if they cant help since there is only one leader you can bring the problem to me and I ASSURE you I will deal with IT! You got the position you are in because you earned it and you deserved it, if someone is running their mouth about you then that is disrespect of a higher up and WILL NOT be tolereated! Thanks!


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    Re: my thought's on my poision as cheif

    Post  oldman on Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:18 am

    Crash, in order to follow the chain of command please discuss this with Trouble, and he will bring it to the leadership Council Sunday night! Hang tight and gather the facts.


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    Re: my thought's on my poision as cheif

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